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In Belgium the language is known as Flemish. Want to learn to speak even more Dutch the fast, fun and easy way? Then sign up for your free lifetime account right now, click here In the north (= Flanders) they speak Dutch (58 % of the population of Belgium). In the south Wallonie, they speak French.

Belgium speak dutch

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It is a founding member of the European Union and is home to its headquarters. 2017-01-02 2021-04-21 Example: most Dutch people speak a good level of more than 1 language, but they still feel that the Dutch language unites them and expect immigrants to learn the language as it is part of the national identity. The unity that a common language brings to a country cannot be denied, and not having one seems to be a disadvantage for Belgium. 2021-04-23 Dutch is one of the Germanic languages, and it is the third most widely spoken in the world, falling behind English and German. In the Netherlands, where it is the official language, the majority of people speak Dutch.

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Find out practical information to help prepare your travel in Belgium : time difference, In Belgium, 5.6 million people speak Dutch, 3.5 million speak French and  Many translated example sentences containing "Dutch language" on the Internet in order to favour neither the Dutchspeaking nor the French-speaking by not establishing Dutch-language sections at the European Schools in Belgium, it is  There is no such thing as a Belgian, there are only Walloons and Flemish. 3. Belgium is called "België" in Flemish.

Belgium speak dutch

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Belgium speak dutch

But at the same time you will often hear or read that the people in the Northern part of Belgium speak Flemish, Flemish being described as “equivalent to Dutch,” or “more commonly known as Dutch.” 3 Is Flemish the same as Dutch?

Belgium speak dutch

Helping them with  KU Leuven is the best internationally ranked university in Belgium and ranks amongst the best European universities for research Läs mer. to also visit Belgium, a neighbour of the Netherlands, where French is widely spoken? Lär dig franska: Here, speaking French is actually an asset. Nej att prata  Belgium / Belgian, Belgien, belgare, belgisk. Brazil / Brazilian, Brasilien Netherlands / Dutch, Holland, holländare, holländsk. Hungary / Hungarian, Ungern  The Dutch language used in Belgium can also be referred to as Flemish Dutch or Belgian Dutch.
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Belgium speak dutch

Belgium used to form one country with the Netherlands, and were under Spanish and Austrian control before – for 15 short years – we formed a nation on our own: the United Kingdom of the Netherlands. The country does have 3 languages that are typically spoken in public affairs: French, German, and Dutch. While the Constitution does not explicitly name these languages as official, it does state that Belgium has 4 linguistic areas: the French-speaking, the German-speaking, the Dutch-speaking, and the bilingual capital of Brussels. Both, 60% of Belgians speak Dutch, 39% speaks French, 1% speaks German (some people don’t know that).

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First off, there’s the Dutch-speaking Flemish community mostly found in the northern region of Flanders.

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As they do in  17 May 2010 However, the majority of the people in Flanders, a slim majority of the population Belgian population as a whole, speaks Dutch (or Flemish). Over  19 Oct 2017 The official languages of Belgium are Dutch, German and French, but some areas of the country also speak Roma, Manush and Yenish. 25 Mar 2016 Torn between localism and pan-Europeanism, the idea of "Belgium" a nation of polyglots, and most of us speak not only French and Dutch,  Flemish is actually Dutch language.

Some of us speak Dutch, French or German. studied on University level before.