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IATE is the result of merging different EU terminology databases back in 2004, which explains the large number of duplicated entries (in many cases, there are several entries available covering the same concept). Click to access IATE IATE, the EU’s interinstitutional terminology database was developed in the early 2000s. The database is managed by the IATE Management Group with representatives from the following institutions: – The European Parliament– The European Commission– The Council of the European Union– The European Court of Justice– The European Court of […] After many years of hard work and a close collaboration between all EU Institutions, the new EU terminology database IATE is now available. It contains more than 8 million terms in 24 languages covering more than 100 domains of the EU legislation. TermCoord thanks the numerous terminologists of the European Parliament for their contribution to … A decentralizált közigazgatási egység (IATE:3553110) és a település (IATE:3553090) között elhelyezkedő szubnacionális szintű földrajzi és közigazgatási egység Görögországban.

Iate europa

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It brings together all the information previously included in the European institutions’ former terminology databases, such as EURODICAUTOM (Commission), EUTERPE (Parliament), and TIS (Council). IATE has 8.4 million […] Cookie. Questo sito utilizza i cookie per migliorare l'esplorazione. Scopri come usiamo i cookie e come è possibile modificare le tue impostazioni.

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europa. · the-week/ · termfolders/ · Want to know how to import IATE TBX files into TermStar NXT? IATE (Inter- Active Terminology for Europe) is the EU's inter-institutional terminology database.

Iate europa

Språk och termer Europeiska Unionen - Europa EU

Iate europa

It aims to provide relevant, reliable, easily accessible data which represent a distinct added IATE is a joint EU project between the European Parliament, the Council, the European Commission, the Court of Justice, the European Central Bank, the European Court of Auditors, the European Economic and Social Committee, the European Committee of the Regions, the European Investment Bank, and the Translation Centre for the Bodies of the European Union, this latter which manages IATE on behalf of the IATE partners. European Union website - EUROPA is the official EU website that provides access to information published by all EU institutions, agencies and bodies. IATE - Frequently Asked Questions | European Union Open Data Portal. Share. Idag får allmänheten officiellt tillgång till Iate, en termbank för all EU-relaterad terminologi.

Iate europa

EPPO) on muotoutumassa oleva, henkilöluvultaan verraten pieni EU:n erillisvirasto.Se pyrkii torjumaan unionin taloudellisia etuja vahingoittavia rikoksia, kuten petoksia, korruptiota ja vakavia arvonlisäveropetoksia valtiorajojen yli. Find out what SFO 2021 has in store to provide clarity on where we’ll be in three to five years.
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Iate europa

Our extensive training portfolio includes topics for airlines, airports, cargo operators, governments, ground service providers, travel agents, young professionals and … The terminology database of the European Union.

Iate. Ett av de mest slående resultaten av det interinstitutionella samarbetet var översättningscentrumets lansering av projektet Iate (InterActive Terminology for Europe) 1999.
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Every year IATE receives millions of queries, which can be internal or from the general public, direct or through other applications. The current new version of IATE was released on 7 November 2018 following a full rebuild of the system with state-of-the-art technologies, the latest software development standards, best practices on usability and accessibility, and a new look and feel. Tisztelt Látogató! Tájékoztatjuk, hogy az Ön által keresett weboldal már nem működik. Az Igazságügyi Minisztérium jogi terminológiai adatbázisa, a Termin a következő internetes címen érhető el: Az Európai Unió terminológiai adatbázisa, a IATE a következő internetes címen érhető el: iate employment and working conditions iate transport iate environment iate agriculture, forestry and fisheries iate agri-foodstuffs iate production, technology and research iate energy iate industry iate geography supply chain or consumers and concludes that the restr iction proposed, is an appropr iate Union-wide measure to address the identified r isk. (17) Stakeholders should be allowed sufficient time to take appropr iate measures to comply with the proposed restr iction and 18 months is sufficient to this end.


We represent, lead and serve the European airline industry, and focus on catering to the needs of our member airlines, accredited travel agents and industry partners.. IATA’s regional office for Europe is based in Madrid, Spain and has a network of over 15 offices in both European Union and non-EU countries comprising, among others, Russia, Turkey, Israel, Ukraine and the Commonwealth of IATE. Et af de mest markante resultater af dette samarbejde er Oversættelsescentrets lancering af IATE-projektet (InterAktiv Terminologi for Europa) i 1999. Med over 8 mio. termer på 24 officielle EU-sprog er IATE i dag den største terminologidatabase i verden.

The membership is made up from representatives of serving and retired police-officers, custom officers, insurance companies and their investigators, vehicle rental companies, car leasing companies, members of the vehicle licensing organizations, vehicle manufacturers, lawyers and many others with a legitimate The terminology database of the European Union.